How to Check GPRS/2G/3G Balance and Validity… 

Main  Account  Balance  →*111# or *125# or SMS BAL to 121

Check  GPRS  Data  Balance133# or *1266# or 1264# or 1261# or *301#

Check  2G  Data  Balance133# or *11110# or 122122# or 122011#

 Check 3G1119# or 122122#…

3G  ActivationSTART 3G to 121

                                            OTHER AIRCEL USSD CODES : 

Know your Mobile Number*131# or *1#

Balance Transfer*122*666#

SEND  SMS TO 121  with following keywords→

Information on  3G  services →  3G or 9

Check  your  handset  compatibility  → Check  3G

Register  Network  Related  Complaint  →NOSIGNAL


To  Deactivate  3G  →  STOP 3G 


Register  Network  Related  Complaint   → CALLDROP 

 Request  for  Bill  Plan  Change →   BPC

 Details on Latest Scheme →   LATEST  POST

 Aircel  Relationship  Number ACCOUNT

 WAP Browsing Charges  →   CHARGE  WAP

Schemes  on  New  Prepaid  connectionNew PRE

Schemes  on  New Postpaid  connectionNew  POST

Req dup-bill  → DUPBILL

Bill  Not  Received  Complaint →  BNR

“E-Bill”   → START  EBILL

 Recharge Method(Prepaid)RCHARGE

 Know the current balance & validity →  BAL

3G Info in Prepaid & Postpaid Help Menu  → HELP

Get GPRS settings  → GPRS

Get WAP settings  → WAP

 Get MMS settings  → MMS

 Get VAS Help Menu  → VAS or 4 4

 Get GPRS/WAP/MMS settingsALL

Deactivation  of  Dialer Tune ServiceSTOP DT

Display PUK details PUK

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