CALL ⊃!dea..

  • To know your Active VAS123450
  • To know your BAL→123451
  • To know your Call/SMS Duduction INFO→123452
  • To know your other VAS Duduction Info→123453 
  • To know your Top Offers→123454
  • To know your Cost Saving Packs→123455
  • Get GPRS Setting→123456
  • Find Today’s Best Offer→12111

                                           SMS !dea 

Active 3G → ACT 3G to 12345
Deactive 3G → DEACT 3G to 12345

                                          CODE !dea 

  • Balance Check → *121#
  • Activate Mini 2G & 3G BAL →*125#
  • Activate Mini local min & SMS Pack →*369#

                                   !dea Self Help → *121*4#

                                              And then reply with these no….

  1. My A/c
  2. 3G & GPRS
  3. VAS & DT
  4. My !dea locator
  5. Features
  6. Roaming
  7. Recarge Info
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